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Solving Problems, Seeking Justice

We at Finn & Finn are honored to serve clients in many areas of the law, but the majority of our legal practice involves the ownership or use of property.

  • We represent both sellers and buyers of homes and commercial buildings.

  • We create estate plans that transfer property before or at the time of death.

  • We administer estates and help to expedite the transfer of property.

Our knowledge and experience also extends into other aspects of property law:

  • We assist investors in obtaining tax deeds to make property productive.

  • We represent property owners who seek zoning modifications or licenses.

  • We protect neighborhoods from public nuisances and blighted buildings.

  • We work with all levels of government to clean up polluted properties.

  • We litigate property disputes when judicial assistance becomes necessary.


Finn & Finn also concentrates its practice in the formation and servicing of for-profit or not-for-profit organizations, corporations, and partnerships; in guardianship proceedings, and in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil ligation. We are also one of the very few local law firms experienced in the emerging field of animal protection and welfare.

Our warm, inviting, client-friendly office is located in a restored historic home near downtown Waukegan and offers adjacent free parking. Our award-winning landscaping, with its native plants and rain garden, adds to the ambiance of our office, which is also made available for meetings of local nonprofits.

What sets our law firm apart from many others is that we care deeply about our clients and our community and demonstrate that commitment daily in word and deed. The legal process can seem daunting or complex, and often the vocabulary is confusing or unclear. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our clientele and to help them successfully navigate the legal system.

The greatest reward and honor that we receive is repeat business or referrals from former clients to their friends and family.


The next time that a legal issue arises, we cordially invite you to call or send an email, so that we might find a good time to get together and discuss, initially without charge or financial obligation, how Finn & Finn might be of service to you, your family, your business, or your organization.


Solving Problems, Seeking Justice

Knowledgeable and experienced. Reasonable rates. Very helpful.

- Brendan A.

My daughter just finished talking to Amy who was very helpful about giving advice, she is very kind, nice, compassion and helpful.
I will recommend.

- Lucy H.

This firm is passionate about helping the client.  So impressed with compassion and care.

- Carol S.


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